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Enable or Disable Eddystone GATT Configuration Service

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017 07:20PM CST
Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers (Eddystone-EID) is a configuration for your beacon which utilises a regularly changing 'ephemeral' identifier in place of the static iBeacon or Eddystone-UID formats. This mitigates a number of the common short-comings of existing beacon formats including spoofing (replicating a beacon signal) and piggy backing (detecting the signal of an installed beacon and using that signal without authorisation). Along with the increased control this provides to the owner of a beacon it also opens up use cases which rely on verified signal detection such as proof of presence and attribution. 

To decipher and use the encrypted signal received from an Eddystone-EID beacon, it needs to be verified against a server-side service. While Eddystone-EID is an open standard, the easiest way to use the feature is to register the beacon with Google Beacon Dashboard and use Google Nearby APIs to decode the identifier.

Get an Eddystone-EID Compatible Beacon

BlueCats BC-313 AA Beacons and BC-413 Coin Beacons provide full support of Eddystone formats, including Eddystone-EID. 

Enable the Eddystone Configuration Service

To configure your beacons with Google Beacon Tools, the beacons need to be changed from the default BlueCats configuration service (where settings are changed and applied using BlueCats tools) to Eddystone Configuration Service (where setttings are changed and applied using Google Tools). 

1. Log into the BlueCats Web Manager and find the beacon you would like to configure, then click the 'Edit' button for that beacon.

2. Click on the 'Settings and Updates' tab and then click the 'Turn on Eddystone Service' button.

3. This will create a pending settings version for the beacon which then needs to be applied with the BlueCats Reveal admin mobile app.

Apply the update to your beacon

Changes made in the BlueCats Cloud using the Web Manager need to be applied to the beacon. The easiest way to do this is to Update the settings with BlueCats Reveal

Register the beacon with Google Beacon Tools

Once the Eddystone Configuration Service is active, you will be able to configure your beacon with Google Beacon Tools

Disabling the Eddystone Configuration Service and Reverting to BlueCats Tools

Unless you are using Eddystone-EID, you are probably best to use all of the BlueCats tools we have available to configure, manage and use your beacons. Once a beacon has been configured to use the Eddystone Configuration Service, it is managed independently of the BlueCats Cloud. To bring it back into the BlueCats eco-system, follow these steps:

1. To reset the beacon, the first step is to find the beacon and turn off the Eddystone Configuration Service in the Web Manager:

2. Find the beacon with BlueCats Reveal - the trick here is that the beacon will only identify itself as a BlueCats Beacon when first powered up, so remove and replace the battery in your beacon (which causes the beacon to restart) while in range and it will be displayed as a 'BlueCats' beacon in BlueCats Reveal app, and can be configured and updated. 

3. You can then apply the latest settings with BlueCats Reveal

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