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Using the Web App

Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016 10:43AM CST
The BlueCats web app gives you control over your BlueCats network for remote management of beacon settings and viewing of insights.

Log into the web app using your log in information created with receipt of your StarterPack.  Once logged in, you will begin at the Dashboard.

Dashboard - The dashboard is your launching pad to managing your BlueCats' network.  From the dashboard you can jump to managing Beacons, Insights, Apps, Regions, Sites, Categories, and Teammates.

Beacons - The beacons page is your portal to individual and group beacon management.  From the beacons page, you may edit beacons individually, or move multiple beacons to a different team, site, or region.  A guide to making an edit to an individual beacon is available here.

Beacon Details

Interested in making changes to several beacons?  To move beacons to a new Team, Site, or Region, first select the beacons you wish to change by selecting the respective checkboxes. Second, press Move Checked Items and select the destination.
Insights - The Insights page displays high level insights for your beacon network.  You can refine visit data down to specific sites, beacons, apps, or category.

Apps - The Apps page provides app tokens and Insights for your applications.  To view an app token, click the Show App Token button in the cell of the respective the app you wish to use.  To create a new app, press Create New App.

Regions - The Regions page manages the iBeacon and Eddystone regions available in your team.  Create new new regions for your team by clicking Create New Region.

Sites - The Sites page is your portal to management of beacons grouped within particular sites.  To create a new site, click the Create New Site button.  The site cells include links to site insights and site details page.

Categories Categories add context to your Beacons. Instead of a cryptic UUID, your app is notified of valuable location information like 'Entrance', 'Checkout', or Menswear'.  Management of categories is centrally managed on the Web App, and allows for simple & flexible application logic across Sites and Teams.

Teammates - Teammates are others who have access to manage or view your beacon network. Use the Invite Teammates button to invite new or other web app users to your currently selected team.

Changing Teams - To change teams use the drop down menu next to the BlueCats' Icon on the top left hand side of the screen.


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