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Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 01:25PM CDT

Welcome to BlueCats!
This guide will show you how to get your new kittens purring.

Installing Batteries in AA Beacons



BlueCats AA beacons require two AA batteries.  The mounting plate is removed by depressing the tab on the top of the mounting plate and turning the plate counterclockwise.  The battery bay can be accessed by removing the two Phillips-head screws on the back of the beacon.  Put the positive side of the battery into the beacon first.  There are small imprints within each section of the battery bay to indicate the correct battery orientation.  

*Note: If you are unsure if you have put the mounting plate on correctly remember that the plate locks into place with a click by turning clockwise.  The mounting plate will be flat against your mounting surface except for the small indentation for double sided sticky tape.

Powering USB Beacons
To feed your USB beacon, simply plug it into any standard USB port!  This includes USB wall adapters or battery powered phone chargers with USB ports.

Coin Beacons
To power Coin beacons, simply pull the battery pull-tab to power the module.

What are my beacons doing now?
Your beacons have been pre-configured and once powered, your beacons will begin advertising in iBeacon or Secure mode - no setup required.  To find the iBeacon keys for your beacons or change their values or mode, you must create a management account.  Management accounts are created using a code printed on the insert within your StarterPack or order.

The default iBeacon Proximity UUID of BlueCats beacons is: 61687109-905F-4436-91F8-E602F514C96D.

Create Your Management Account

Enter the StarterPack Code contained in your StarterPack into to establish your management account.  This step will create your first team and site to which all of your beacons will be initially placed.  For more information on the BlueCats hierarchy, please see this article.

Logging into the Web App and Viewing Your Beacons

Log into the BlueCats' web app via with your email or BlueCats username.  A guide to the web app is available here.  

Information regarding your beacons is located in the Beacons section of the web app. From here, you can view information about your beacons and change their settings for updating at a later time

How do I Update My Beacons?
BlueCats beacons do not send battery life or visit information directly to the web app.  This information is collected and posted to the BlueCats Platform by the BlueCatsSDKs.  After it has been collected, you can then view this information in the web app.  Apps such as BlueCats Reveal and BlueCats Tour contain the BlueCatsSDK and will collect this information.

BlueCats Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Documentation
The BlueCatsSDKs are located on Github:
Android SDK 
SDK Documentation

Beacon Management
Available for iOS and Android, BlueCats Reveal is the BlueCats beacon management app.  BlueCats Reveal has much of the functionality of the web app with the ability to connect directly to BlueCats beacons to update their settings or firmware.

Guides to using BlueCats Reveal can be found here.

Demo Apps
BlueCats LitterBox (iOS) is a demo app using SitesCategories, and Proximities.  A guide to using BC LitterBox is available here

BlueCats Tour (iOS and Android) works with the default categories on your StarterPack beacons.  BlueCats tour demonstrates different ways you can use beacons to interact with users by altering the view or rendering their location on a floor plan or map.  A guide to using BlueCats Tour is available here.

Integrating the BlueCatsSDKs into an Existing App
A tutorial showing the integration of the BlueCatsSDKs into an example app is available here.

Sample Code!
Check out the BlueCats Github page for iOS and Android sample 

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