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iBeacon with BlueCats Beacons

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 01:21PM CDT
This guide will walk you through configuring your BlueCats beacons as iBeacons.

Your beacons must be in an iBeacon mode to act as iBeacons.  Many BlueCats beacons ship in iBeacon mode by default.  No configuration is necessary and they will begin broadcasting as iBeacons as soon as they receive power.

You can view the mode of your beacons in the beacons section of the web app and in the BlueCats Reveal mobile apps.

Web App BlueCats Reveal

Changing the Mode of Your Beacons to iBeacon
You can change the mode of a beacon in two ways:
1. Directly change the beacon via BlueCats Reveal.
2. Create a new update for your beacon in the web app and apply it to your beacon via BlueCats Reveal or passively crowd sourced updates.

All beacon settings configurations are tracked as versions of your beacon.  
To change the mode of your beacons, you must first create a new beacon version for your beacon.  If you are in range of the beacon when creating a new version in BlueCats Reveal, it will automatically connect with the beacon to update it.

Note on custom Proximity UUIDs, Majors, and Minors
If you are looking to use your own Proximity UUID or enter a specific majors or minors, you must first create your own region.

Creating a New Settings Version in BlueCats Reveal
1. Download BlueCats Reveal for Android or iOS and log in using your BlueCats account. BlueCats accounts are created with a code received with your order or by invitation by someone with an account.

2. Select the beacon you wish to create an update for within the Sniffer or Teams tab:

3. Then select Edit Beacon to begin the beacon edit process:

4. When prompted to choose a beacon mode, select the mode you wish to use and press continue.
If you wish to use a custom Proximity UUID or enter a specific majors or minors, press Change Region after choosing your mode, select the region you wish to use, and press OK.
Creating a New Version in the Web App
1.Log into with your BlueCats account. BlueCats accounts are created with a code received with your order or by invitation by someone with an account.
2. Go to the Beacons section of the web app and select the beacon you wish to update.

2. Choose your beacon mode:

3. If using the default values, simply press Save to save your new version.  If using custom values, select your custom region and major or minor values is applicable.
Update the beacon with your new settings from BlueCats Reveal
If you assigned your beacon to your new region from the web app, you must now update the beacon to its new version using BlueCats Reveal.

1. Log into BlueCats Reveal for iOS or Android with the same login information you use for the web app.
2. Select the beacon you wish to update from the sniffer screen or the updates section.
3. Then press Update Settings to begin the settings update process.

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