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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2015 03:10PM CST
Here at BlueCats we have a clients from all over the world testing in a variety of situations.  The following is a developing list of common testing pitfalls that we've come across that may help you when testing your BlueCats beacon enabled app.

Find Inner Peace
Just because nothing is coming up in BlueCats Reveal doesn't mean that your app isn't getting woken up from a nearby iBeacon in that region.  This issue is very common in larger companies that have developers working in close enough proximity to one another to be detecting each other's beacons, but be on separate management teams.  It may be necessary to sniff for any iBeacons around you that may be matching your regions.  BlueCats has generic sniffing tools to help you with this detection.

Think Outside of the iBeacon
Often clients with iOS Apps want very close proximity background detection - closer than that provided by our Whisper Loudness and basic region entry functionality.  The only way to perform this on iOS is by using your beacons in Secure Mode and checking "Uses Bluetooth LE Accessories" in the Background Modes section of the Capabilities tab in Xcode.  Combine this with triggers for an easy way to create your desired app interactions.

What's Your State?
Detecting and ranging beacons is greatly affected by app and device state.  Be it foreground, background, suspended, deep sleep, force closed etc, be sure to consider the ramifications of user actions and device state on your testing.

Forgetting Your Friends
Don't for get to call or email us if you have any questions!  Sometimes it can be a simple settings change or SDK method to save you from major headaches.  BlueCats has developers with experience developing for different platforms and we are here to help.

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