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Changing Beacon Settings

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2017 03:53AM CST
Note: Changes made to a beacon in the web app must be applied to the beacon via crowd sourced updates or BlueCats Reveal to take effect on the beacon.  A guide to using BlueCats Reveal to update a beacon with a version created on the web app is available here.

Changing Beacon Settings
To edit the settings of a beacon, navigate to the Beacons section of the web app and click Edit 
button for the beacon you wish to edit.  Then click on the Edit Beacon icon to unlock the beacon for editing.

​Beacon Info: The Info tab displays an overview of the beacon's settings. You can also update its display name and enter notes. The name and notes are just stored in the BlueCats Cloud for reference and are not saved to the actual beacon.  To view more detail about the beacon's settings and content and change the data that the beacon broadcasts, click on 'Settings and Updates'. This will be highlighted orange if there are already changes that have been made which have not yet been applied to the beacon.

Beacon Settings and Updates: The Changes made to the beacon's broadcast settings such as advertising mode (e.g. iBeacon or Eddystone UID), identifiers, range and advertising interval are first sent to the BlueCats Cloud as a pending update before being applied using the BC Reveal admin mobile app or the BlueCats mobile SDKs. Pending changes which have not yet been applied to the beacon will be displayed at the top of this screen. To make changes to the beacon's settings, click the 'Edit' button and save to create a new pending version.

Mode: The advertising mode of the beacon. iBeacon mode will only broadcast an iBeacon advertisement, iBeacon + Secure mode will broadcast both an iBeacon advertisement and the BlueCats advertisement, and Secure mode will only broadcast BlueCats' Secure advertisements.  More information on secure advertising modes can be found here.

Beacon Region: A custom defined region or openly available region.  Only available for beacons transmitting iBeacon advertisements.  Read more about beacon regions here.

Site: The location or grouping of the beacon.

Beacon Name: Optional name of a beacon.  Serial number is the default value.

Major and Minor: Definable in custom regions where not defined by the region.  Major and minor values are automatically assigned for the BlueCats' region.  All Proximity UUIDs and beacon Proximity UUID, Major, and Minor combinations are unique in the BlueCats system. 

Loudness: Loudness represents transmission power and controls the footprint or range of a beacon's advertisement.  Louder beacons have a larger footprint and shorter battery life.

Target speed: Target Speed represents advertising interval and describes the pace of a targeted End User.  Higher Target Speeds reduce beacon battery life.


Eddystone Service: Enable the Eddystone Service if you would like to manage beacon settings with a third party service such as Google Beacon Tools. This is required to use Eddystone Ephemeral ID secure Bluetooth protocol.

Connectable: When not connectable, beacon must be power cycled (e.g. batteries removed and reinstalled) to connect and apply settings changes.

Bluetooth Address Privacy Duration: By default a random alternative public Bluetooth address is broadcast by the beacon to protect the true MAC address. Set to 0 to use a static Bluetooth address, or number of minutes to rotate to random address for privacy.

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