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Insights from the BlueCats' System

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2014 05:41PM CST
Insights is the BlueCats system for beacon analytics.  Insights provide information about users and their behavior such as the number of visitors at a Site, how many times they visited, percentage of new vs. returning visitors, and how long they lingered near beacons or sites.  These insights can be accessed on hourly or daily basis for Teams, Sites, Apps, and Beacons and can be depicted in numbers or graphs.

Groups of Insights
Insights are available for the following entities:


Types of Insights

Number of Visitors
Number of visitors is calculated based on the device identification count.  A device is considered a visitor.

New Visitors and Returning Visitors
New devices and returning devices appear within the period of insights. These two insights are given as separate entities and can be depicted as a percentage.

Number of Visits
When a device enters into a region with beacons a visit starts and when the device exits the region the visit is completed.

Dwell Time
This is the time spent in each visit.  Average, minimum, maximum, and total dwell time are available.

Inverse Bounce Count / Inverse Bounce Rate
These insights are only available for Sites.  It calculates the number of visits in which a device comes into contact with at least two beacons in a site.  The percentage of visits that engaged with at least two beacons vs the total number of visits in the site is given by the inverse bounce rate.

Time Scale of Insights
Insights can be accessed in the following timescales:

Hourly insights
This is the smallest time scale that insights can be retrieved. There is no limit for the period of hourly insights, i.e. the period can be one hour, 24 hours, or any number of hours depending on the requirement.  Insights can be retrieved either as aggregate for the whole period (as one value) or as separate per hour values.

Daily Insights
Daily insights are aggregated over 24 hour periods. There is no limit for the period of daily insights, i.e. the period can be one day, 30 days, or any number of days depending on the requirement.


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