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Beacon Behaviors

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2017 08:13PM CDT
Target Speed (Advertising Interval)
BlueCats’ beacons have five different behaviors for Target Speed or advertising interval:

Sit: 1,285 ms
Stroll: 760 ms
Walk: 319 ms
Jog: 153 ms
Run: 100 ms
Sprint: 20 ms

Loudness (Transmission Power)
BlueCats’ Beacons have five different behaviors for Loudness.  The approximate broadcast strengths for these behaviors are as follows:

Whisper: -23 dBm
Mutter: -20 dBm
Talk: -17 dBm
Shout: -10 dBm
Scream: 0 dBm

Measured Power (Received Signal Strength Indication at One Meter)        
Measured Power is the value communicating the expected received signal strength indication one meter from the beacon, also called RSSI at one meter.  You can use this value along with the signal strength received by a device to approximate the distance of the device from the beacon.

The default measured power for the respective levels of Loudness are:

Whisper: -89 dBm
Mutter: -85 dBm
Talk: -82 dBm
Shout: -75 dBm
Scream: -63 dBm

Privacy Duration
BlueCats beacons rotate their Bluetooth MAC Address to enhance the privacy of your network.  This can be set within the Web Manager and applied with BlueCats Reveal.  Please note that low (i.e. a value of 1 minute) privacy duration values can hinder updating beacons from some devices.  When the privacy duration is set to 0 the address does not change.

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